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barcode label     New!   Add barcode management to your SSM
  • Accelerate and improve reliability of operations
  • Print you own EAN or Code128 labels
  • Compatible with most labels printers!
barcode reader

Simple and powerful stock control!

stock manager

Simple Stock Manager provides:

  • Real time stock levels and alerts
  • Simple, reliable and secure input and output user interfaces
  • Easy tools for sorting data and exports them to Excel
  • As options, scheduling of futur inputs, outputs and product assemblies work
  • As options, any additionnal specific function required
  • User friendly and secure interfacce to facilitate and speed up inventories
  • Etc.

Stock management made easy

Get started in 3 minutes..

  • Download, unzip and start application
  • View all data sorted like with Excel sheets
  • Use buttons to create products, suppliers, input and outputs
  • Calculate the value of your stock with fixed prices and costs

Discover advanced features

  • Import or export data from/to Excel or other application
  • Sort, filter and find what you need with open SQL requests
  • Share data between multiple user, even without LAN!
  • Calculate the value of your stock with average prices and costs
  • And more...

A flexible stock software

Like hundreds of satisfied users, you can rely on SSM!

The standard SSM is designed to fullfill 70% of requirements of 70% of companies and can be used anywhere for any activity. Customized versions built around the kernel can fullfill 100% of your needs.

  • Discover various successfull examples of customized SSM for your activity...
  • View our demonstration videos
  • Contact us to organize a free on line demonstration!
download stock manager

Download and run Simple Stock Manager now!

No reason to wait any more...

Standard Simple Stock Manager     

- Displays products quantities and alarms
- Compatible with your bar code reader
- Summarizes suppliers info
- Display and prints operations logs
- Runs as multi-user and cloud solution

simple stock manager
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free stock manager
SSM Limited
Limited to 40 references
Number of products unlimited
Free Mail Assistance

SSM license, 1 computer : 50$
Limited to 200 references
Unlimited nb of products
1 month phone assistance

SSM unlimited, 1 computer : 100$
Unlimited nb of references
Unlimited nb of products
2 months phone assistance

A receipt is sent to you immediatly after buying. The license code is provided as soon as we receive your licence number. Ask for discounts from 3 users.

Compose your own advanced stock Manager : SSM PRO

One step beyond!

Select option from the menu...

- Anticipate orders and deliveries
- View stocks levels at specified dates
- Define forms and files formats for stock inputs
- Define forms and files formats for stock outputs
- Add your own financial statistics
- Specialize families and naming conventions
- Define product manufacturing and assembly rules
- Manage stock quantities will rolls and meters
- Get mail or SMS alarms
- Manage customer sites or contracts
- Define your own printing formats for delivery notes
- Define your own printing formats orders
- Etc..

Contact us to describe your needs.

professionnal stock manager

Starting from 200$

Start now!

  • Download the installation guide
  • Download the user manual
  • To install, clic on then on SSM.exe or watch the installation video
  • The free version of Simple Stock Manager does not to be reinstalled when upgrading to licensed version, no data will be lost!
  • Watch our tutorial videos.
  • Call us 33 (0)9 62 32 16 07